Thousands visited the 13th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show over the past four days, seeing and buying art while talking to artists. The next Show, the 14th edition is on March 29th – April 1st, 2019 and will feature Intersections: China, the fourth in the popular sector series and Artist Dialogues, living art spaces dedicated to independent artists.

While we prepare for the next Show, continue browsing art here on the Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, where the Show goes on 24/7. Feel free to look at the art, make inquiries regarding artworks you like, and even purchase a special piece to add to your collection!


Yu Chuan


Yu Chuan (b.1982) is a contemporary artist who graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts. He lived in Spain, Italy, Japan and other countries for inspirational artistic creation. Now residing in Shanghai, Yu Chuan combines Western materials with the Eastern culture and painting techniques.


With color an important element in Yu’s work, he uses Chinese brush techniques and Western oil colors to express freedom and life on canvas. The use of oil colors are used to inspire a sense of happiness. Yu seeks to have his creations breathe through his use of brush techniques and choice of natural colors.

Yang Okkyung

South Korea

Yang Okkyung (b.1966) is a widely acclaimed marker artist who has pioneered marker art as a new genre. Yang graduated from Korea University of Fine Art in 2004, Yonsei University of law in 2010, Yonsei graduate of law and now Hongik graduate of Fine Art.


Yang’s works are drawn with pencil, pen and copic marker on papier fait avec l'écorce de mûrier (mulberry paper). Her works are widely exhibited and collected in Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai and France.

Tranquil Night

Pann Kyi



Pann Kyi (b.1983) expresses his deep love for nature and his country through his paintings. He does not paint merely from being inspired by the land, rather he paints inwardly, painting his own interpretation and perspective of the world. Pann Kyi loves quiet, empty spaces that bespeak solitude and peace. He believes that sometimes people hold memories of places they visit and a lot of the emotions they experience are deeply personal and tend to be appreciated in silence.


Pann Kyi's compositions provide us with a quiet place, a sanctuary where we can reflect inwards. His works represent an ability to find peace and contentment, even when the leaves change colour.