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Lynette Orzlowski


Lynette Orzlowski’s (b.1973) subject matter is wide and varied, but Equine is her preferred subject, using a wide array of different techniques, mixing the texture and variety of mediums to express an individual body of work. The paintings are an impressionistic style, though many elements within the works hold true to subtle notations of realism, walking the line between loose movements and textures, to fine detail and anatomical correctness


The main focus of Orzlowski’swork is to explore the different relationships between humans and animals, in particular the horse. For her, this long-standing partnership between man and animal is one of great significance, not only with the everyday but into the realm of fantasy.

Feng Shiheng


Feng Shiheng’s (b.1986) rock color paintings bring the traditional art to the contemporary era. Her heart is full of curiosity, but also quiet and peaceful. Her thinking is distant but without any slowness. Through her work, she sends out the vernal childishness in the paradise of the passing days, evoking a fresh power in her audiences.

The young female artist graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Fresco Department and studied rock color painting deeply. Different from the usual art expression in the rock color area, she pays more attention to Chinese traditional mural painting - the fantastic mineral pigment painting pictures in Mo Kao Grotto at Dunhuang.

Sook Kyong Kim

South Korea

Sook Kyong Kim(b.1961) graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Department of Paintingand Master of Fine Arts from the Department of Oriental Painting,Dongduck Womens Universityin Seoul. She has held seven solo exhibitions and was specially selectedfor the 1st Huso Society Exhibition- Fine Art Center, Seouland the 5th Grand Art Exhibition- National Museum of ContemporaryArt.


At the present, the South Korean female artist is a member of the Korean Fine Art Association, The Women's Association for Korean Painting, Huso Society Exhibition, Choon Choo Fine Arts Exhibition, and the Naeo for Korean Painting.