Less than 50 days to the Asia Contemporary Art Show! The Show is on March 29th– April 1st, 2019 at the heart of Hong Kong Art Week alongside Art Basel and Art Central. 2-for-1 tickets are on HK TICKETING at HK$270 (use your UnionPay credit card for a 15% discount) for three days access to the Show. Bring along a friend for free.

Highlights of the Show include special art sectors Intersections: China and Artist Dialogues. Be the first to take a look and pick your favorite artworks here.


Louise Farnay


Louise Farnay’s (b.1963) recent works include detailed studies in oil using a hyper-realistic technique of feminine figures half submerged under water, experimenting with reflection, refraction, illusion, and distortion. Heavily influenced by the Western Australian coastline and the pristine turquoise blue and emerald green Indian Ocean, Farnay’s works arouse the senses with mesmerizing oceanic hues of reef-like abstract painting interpretations.

The artist’spopular quirky, colorful, over-accentuated feminine abstraction of beach girls on the sand makes a comeback with their ungainly composition and form. Farnay has been exhibiting and selling her award-winning paintings all over the world for over twenty years.

Kim Kyoung Ok

South Korea


The true nature that artist Kim Kyoung Ok (b.1974) tries to find in her paintings is nothing other than the endless love towards the free spirits; the process of pursuing true self growing out of other’s desires. The artist believes that the young generation wants to rearrange the blueprint of their lives with their own language, discarding that of others and this is what she depicts in her art.

Kim expects to redefine desires instead of suppressing them, moving away from established order and fixed ideas. Seeking a new order and the repetition of certain , subconscious order and fixed patterns, the artists wishes to represent the contradiction and irrationality in society through the harmony of geometric patterns.


Akshita Gandhi



Akshita Gandhi (b.1988) continues to leave her mark by pursuing the belief of giving back to the community and recently founded the Dua Foundation, a social enterprise that aims to empower vulnerable members of society by providing them a platform which will enable them to gain financial independence through their art and craft skills.

Gandhi completed her IB from the American School of Bombay and then graduated from the Lotus Institute in Dubai with an MA in Fine Arts. Gandhi’s first private art exhibition was held in Mumbai, India in 2003 where she displayed a varied range of landscapes in oil on canvas, the proceeds were donated to an old age home in Karjat.