Hong Kong Art Week is fast approaching! At the heart of this celebration next March is the Asia Contemporary Art Show (March 29th – April 1st, 2019) alongside Art Basel and Art Central. The Show will present Intersections: China, the fourth in the popular sector series and Artist Dialogues, that features more than 20 art spaces dedicated to independent artists.

While we prepare for the next Show, continue browsing art here on the Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, where the Show goes on 24/7. See art, make inquiries about artworks you like, and even buy a special piece to add to your collection!


LU Fang



Lu Fang’s (b. 1977) creations have been inspired by the dialogues between “the East and the West”, and “the classic and the contemporary”. After living in the western world for many years, Lu Fang’s strong love for the paintings in the Renaissance period has urged him to put the classic paintings and the modern life together.

Fang’s past solo exhibitions included a caricature with a big nose based on his self-portrait and had it playfully intrude in classical paintings with ancient masters and an imitation of the Renaissance painter Bruegel showing the daily life of ordinary people of ancient days and the historical significance showing the present life in Taiwan.


Gao Jia Yu



Gao Jiayu (b.1988) works with porcelain and expresses her thoughts of daily life from a unique perspective. Jiayu’s works mainly represent the macroscopic meaning of life, believing that porcelain is the material which can condense its inner power. Her works explain the close connection and interplay between human beings and the whole universe, based on the wisdom of old Chinese civilization.

Also an art educator, Jiayu graduated from the Ceramic Design School of Fine Arts at the Tsinghua University and currently lives and works in Fujian and Shanxi, China. The artist believes that the way of heaven is to begin all things, the way of the earth is to nourish all things, and the way of people is to make things happen.


Erica Hestu Wahyuni


Erica Hestu Wahyuni (b.1971) is one of the most promising artists from Indonesia. Wahyuni’s paintings are usually unpretentious expressions of herself and they reflect her experiences and interests. Each work contains interesting narrative qualities which reveal the worldview of the artist. Wahyuni’s naive, playful renditions have ascertained her reputation as one of the most sought-after contemporary artists in South East Asia.

Wahyuni uses simple deformed shapes and brilliant primary colors to further enhance the sense of animation, and as a result her paintings appear to be fun and enjoyable. Wahyuni’s works have been sold at auction at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams and other reputable auction houses.