Hong Kong Art Week is fast approaching! At the heart of this celebration next March is the Asia Contemporary Art Show (March 29th – April 1st, 2019) alongside Art Basel and Art Central. The Show will present Intersections: China, the fourth in the popular sector series and Artist Dialogues, that features more than 20 art spaces dedicated to independent artists.

While we prepare for the next Show, continue browsing art here on the Asia Contemporary Art Buyer, where the Show goes on 24/7. See art, make inquiries about artworks you like, and even buy a special piece to add to your collection!


Eun hee Min

South Korea

Eun hee Min’s work is about communication and relationships. It is about people that she knows from her generation, who in order to survive in society isolate themselves from it, and expend all their energy. It makes the artist think about you, me, and our shared space and time. Simplified and exaggerated facial expressions that bring back nostalgic memories of the faces of family and friends naturally appear in Min’s work, and emphasize once again the importance of being human.

Min graduated with a bachelors degree in Fine Arts majoring in Craft and a masters degree in Art education from the Kangwon National University in Chuncheon, Korea. Min has held four solo exhibitions since 2016.

Elizabeth Langreiter



Elizabeth Langreiter’s art journey began in a rather unusual way. Langreiter had zero interest in art before being hit on the head with a tennis ball during a competitionand then had the sudden urge to start painting. The artist connects this to “Acquired savant syndrome”which is a condition where “dormant savant skills emerge after a brain injury or disease...where few such skills were evident before.”

In 2016, Langreiterwas selected as one of the top 100 Australian emerging artists. The artist’s works are held in private collections across the globe. She has also exhibited in many galleries in Australiaand was selected as a finalist in the Hunters Hill Art Prize.


Wu Yuehua



Wu Yuehua(b.1988) paints young girls including fictitious and real onesin traditional Chinese mixed with contemporary style. Using ink and color on paper, the artist meticulously paints and free sketches each artwork and uses blocks of color to run through the picture and create a dreamland.

Wu was born in San Ming City, Fu Jian Province. He graduated from Academy of Arts, Fujian Normal University. He is currently a tutor at the Fine Arts and Design College of Quanzhou Normal University. Wu is a member of the China Artists Association and Fujian Young Artists Association and is a special-term professor of Fujian Youth Academy of Painting. In 2018, Wu won the Young Artists Project by China National Arts Fund.