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Featured Artist: Yosuke Miyao, Japan

Yosuke Miyao (b.1972) is a Japanese glass artist who creates glass sculptures using float glass. Yosuke uses a bending technique to produce his work, molding each piece from single sheet of float glass.

Glass softens and transforms at a temperature of over 1,112°F. A typical technique of shaping glass is to pour melted glass into a mold. However, when molding glass, it is it is impossible not to have irremovable traces on a glass surface. That is why the artist chooses to use float glass. These sheets of flat glass are heated repeatedly, bent with the aid of special equipment designed by the artist and gravity, until they form natural three-dimensional shapes resembling the artist’s design and vision.

Artist Spotlight - Xu Songbo

Xu Songbo was born in 1971 in Nanyang, Henan province. Since his childhood, Xu has been studying the Tang Dynasty. This long-held admiration for the Tang has led the artist on a quest to use his paintbrush to recount the story of the great Tang Dynasty's many characters and spirits.


According to Xu, to truly understand the spirit and culture of the Tang, one must experience the lifestyle of the era, which is why he took up the practice of archery - a skill crucial to the creation of his artwork.

Xu Songbo received a BA from the Fine Arts Department of Henan University and an MA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently a Vice Professor at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.


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