18 February - 17 March, 2016

Homage to Körin by Takahide Komatsu

Takahide Komatsu

With “Homage to Körin,” Takahide Komatsu brings ethereal Japanese Rinpa school-inspired paintings to Fabrik Gallery. The artist draws from and modernizes painting techniques developed in 17th century Kyoto, merging the traditional background patterns of shimmering gold and silver leaf with detailed depictions of native plant and animal species in bold, vibrant colors. Takahide Komatsu was born in Miyazaki, Japan, in 1979 and graduated in 2000 from the Artist Course at Kyusyu Designer Gaukin. His works have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Asia and Japan, as well as New York and London.

Artist Spotlight - Toishio Iezumi

M.180208 by Toshio Iezumi

Toshio Iezumi (b.1954) is a glass sculptor recognized for developing a unique technique for shaping the glass by laminating sheets of glass into a bloc and carving and polishing the bloc with stone carving tools. Influenced by Ancient Chinese bronzes as well as the works of Brâncuşi and Donald Judd, Iezumi's technique of direct curving and dealing with light reflection and refraction seeks to illustrate volume and depth as it occurs in the glass.

Iezumi employs angle grinder as a tool for shaping glass. He is a master of this technique which requires extensive experimentation in grinding and polishing the glass surface and the use of heat reflective glass, which traces the concavities and convexities that spread like ripples of water.

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