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Korean Voices | On Beauty and Nature

26 May - 30 June, 2016

Jeong Myoung Jo, Park Ji Sook

Beauty is the underlying theme of Jeong Myoung Jo’s hyperrealistic depictions of women in traditional Korean finery, the Joseon Dynasty Hanbok. Opulent gold, black or calligraphic background in her paintings express at once the subject’s desires as well as her suppression. She is the paradox of faceless femininity against a masculine world. Nature is expressed in Park Ji-Sook’s work as the intrinsic relationship of humans and nature within the dynamic circulating energy of life. Her striking series of organic and linear motifs represent the interwoven lines of life on the universal continuum of birth, death and rebirth. Both Jeong’s and Park’s works have been exhibited throughout Asia and Europe. Their works are among the collections of many corporate entities and institutions.