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Lucia Hung


Ink art has its origins in the East. Lucia Hung uses sculpture as a carrier to create a series of magical worlds that open up a new vision of Eastern art.

Her works use uniquely random and organic sculptural textures and metallic surface treatments to release ink from the confines of paper and canvas and convey the undulating mountain ridges and fluctuating ink concentrations of shanshui landscape painting on three-dimensional sculptural forms. Ripples in the metal surfaces of these sculptures capture the light from all directions, heightening the layered effect of the shanshui landscape.

Toshio Iezumi


Toshio Iezumi (b.1954) is a glass sculptor recognized for having developed a unique technique for shaping glass by laminating sheets of glass into a bloc and carving and polishing the bloc with stone carving tools. Influenced by Ancient Chinese bronzes as well as the works of Brâncuşi and Donald Judd, Iezumi’s technique of direct curving and dealing with light reflection and refraction seeks to illustrate volume and depth as it occurs in the glass.


Iezumi was a professor at the Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts from 2004 to 2016. He is the winner of numerous prizes and awards and his work is found in private and institutional collections across the world.

Rovi Salegumba


Rovi Salegumba’s (b.1984) preferred medium in painting is oil. He derives inspirations from nature and environment, poetry, literature, music, myths and legends and at times personal experiences. He weaves fascinating and inspiring stories related to him by people, sometimes dabbling in metaphysical & spiritual. Most common subjects in his paintings are stylized human figures using birds to symbolize his personal metaphor for soul or spirit.

Recognizing the profound impact of art on those who perceive it, Salegumba sees to it that his paintings leave the viewer in a more positive state, that the artworks encourage a more optimistic outlook, or that it uplifts the viewer in some way.