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Fragancia Marina

Luis Fuentes


Room 4120

Peruvian artist Luis Fuentes (b.1969) seeks contrast between light and shadow. Whether it is still life, architecture or landscape, Fuentes focuses each realist-style painting on the quality of rich shadows and bright highlights, giving his work a glowing illusion of a magical reality. As a world traveller, the artist documents architecture from different cities, using photos to inform his compositions, but painting them from his emotional memory.


Fuentes is a graduate of the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Arequipa, Peru and the recipient of numerous painting awards. He has exhibited as a solo artist in the USA and was an Artist-in-residence in Australia and Canada.

Traditional boats in South of Brittany/North West of France

Yann Rebecq


Room 4108

French post-impressionist artist Yann Rebecq (b.1955) learned to paint from an early age. His palette of colours: warm grays, mixed with blue and green, or orange and red, illuminate a poetic universe inspired by the beauty and nature of Provence and Brittany as well as the intimate scenes of everyday family life. They are often inspired by an intimate light. An admirer of the post-impressionist avant-garde artist group Le Nabi, he enjoys portraying intimate and poetic settings.


Exhibited in many countries, Rebecq’s works are collected by many museums in France, USA, Switzerland and Norway, and decorate the walls of French embassies and consulates around the world.

The End of Mid-Summer

Huang Po Hsun


Room 4317

Huang Po Hsun's (b.1981) works have won numerous awards and been collected by museums and by private collectors. "Lovers & Strangers” and “A Wonderland Afar” are recurring themes in Huang's works. He uses fantasy to bring people hope. His Bubble & Balloon Realism style is immensely popular in Taiwan, appreciated by many collectors.


Huang Po Hsun medium of choice is acrylic on extraordinary smooth canvases skinned by calcium carbonate. He uses these materials to create a delicate, thin, and transparent effect. With that he wants to avoid the effects created by oil painting – the shining, thick, and oily textures.