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Less than 75 days to go to 13th Asia Contemporary Art Show (September 28th – October 1st). This edition will feature Intersections: South Korea, the third in our popular sector series, and Artist Dialogues presented by Cask 88, an entire floor dedicated to independent artists.


Nobuyoshi Araki


Nobuyoshi Araki (Tokyo, 1940) is one of the most recognized photographers in Japan who has focused his work on the themes of Eros, Thanatos as well as the impermanence in life since the 1960s. Exemplified by up-close, personal snapshots of naked women gazing emptily into the camera, Araki photographed the extremes of reality and fiction, Eros (life/ sex) and Thanatos (death), capturing the opposing elements of the two.

Shortly after he began his career as a commercial photographer, he began organizing solo exhibitions and publishing photography books. In 1971, Araki self-published “Sentimental Journey”, a visual narrative of the honeymoon with his wife Yoko. His works are held in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Rovi Salegumba


Rovi Salegumba’s (b.1984) preferred medium in painting is oil. He derives inspirations from nature and environment, poetry, literature, music, myths and legends and at times personal experiences. He weaves fascinating and inspiring stories related to him by people, sometimes dabbling in metaphysical & spiritual. Most common subjects in his paintings are stylized human figures using birds to symbolize his personal metaphor for soul or spirit.

Recognizing the profound impact of art on those who perceive it, Salegumba sees to it that his paintings leave the viewer in a more positive state, that the artworks encourage a more optimistic outlook, or that it uplifts the viewer in some way.

Chae Soung Sook

South Korea

To the artist, Chae Soung-Sook, who prioritizes the achievement of the overall atmosphere rather than depicting details on the canvas surface, color plays an important role in rendering her mood and sensibility, but the element that she truly wants to depict is the fragmentation of light over colored surfaces.

Chae works in a unique way, adding wool thread to her otherwise conventional canvases, producing a fluid wave of veil-like texture over the paintings, softly covering the pictorial elements underneath. This texture reflects light, creating a dreamy atmosphere with a soft shimmer, like misty haze on a late spring morning.